Project Description

The SENTINEL Protection Frame

Miniaturized sealed high pressure camera enclosure allowing comprehensive lens control

The SENTINEL is a modular extension that upgrades STANCE to one of the smallest sealed high pressure camera systems. Due to our industrial grade sealing design the SENTINEL frame is built to defy even demanding pressures and hazardous environments while allowing comprehensive lens control. Finally all interfaces of STANCE up to even its status LED are fully accessible within the new sealed state.

Features at a glance

Key Features Overview
High Pressure Sealed

Fully protected by industry grade sealing technology tuned to withstand even high pressures and hazardous environments.

Lens Control

Full control over aperture and focus under high pressures and hazardous environments, Integration kits for manual stock lenses available

Geared for Automation

Each handle is equipped with commonly used module 0.8 precision gears to allow automated and remote control via external lens-drive systems

Physical Dimensions

Cylindrical Ø55 x 175mm


Aircraft grade Aluminum (standard), High end alloys with superior corrosion resistance according to NACE, any custom material available on request

High Pressure Connector Interface

Equipped with miniature high pressure sealed connectors to securely transfer HD-BNC video and data signals


No Software needed


Wide range of accessories available, compatible with GoPro mounting gear, custom accessories on request

Technical Specifications

General specification summary
Module Type Extension high pressure enclosure for STANCE
Protection Rating Exceeding IP68
Max. Pressure Rating 4000psi / 275bar, custom pressures on request
I/O Full STANCE connector and status interface
Dimensions Ø55mm x 175mm
Weight TBD
Operating Temperature TBD
Conformity TBD
Physical dimensions of the V-COR sealed high pressure camera enclosure SENTINEL

Superior Protection

Sophisticated sealing design protecting high precision camera technology

Infused by several years of experience within the research and development of sealing technology as well as high pressure, deep sea and custom connectors our proven and sophisticated sealing design can be tuned to protect against different pressure levels up to 4000psi / 275bar using stock components.

Furthermore custom developments that are tailored to your application’s pressures (exceeding 4000psi) and environments are available upon request. As a result each design easily outperforms any standard IP68 camera enclosure.

Comprehensive Lens Control

Sealed access and control over aperture and focus

The SENTINEL high pressure camera extension module is one of the smallest sealed enclosures allowing full control over aperture and focus under high pressures and hazardous environments. Furthermore even stock lenses can be integrated and controlled using a wide range of dedicated interfacing components. As a result we designed all handles to be easily accessible while used manually. Furthermore commonly used module 0.8 precision gears allow automated / remote control via external systems like our IP68 sealed LENS-DRIVE.

Tough and Miniaturized

A rugged design featuring advanced materials

Enclosed in a rugged yet miniaturized and puristic body SENTINEL features a tough system design that is superior to its class. Consequently it makes perfect sense for us to use only materials of highest strength and quality. As a result high end alloys adding unmatched corrosion resistance are also available. This includes materials that meet demanding international standards like API class 6A / NACE of the deep sea oil and gas industry.


Tailored to your needs

A wide range of materials and surface finishes to choose from including customer defined specifications allow easy and dedicated changes of characteristics like shape, weight, strength, protection and mounting or simply the look to perfectly suit your demands.

Specialized high pressure connector interface

A reliable and safe connection

We developed a new set of miniaturized coax video connectors that are sealed against high pressures and hazardous environments. Additionally full compliance with the international HD-BNC standard is met that also allows the use of standard HD-BNC cables. Finally all signal and power connections are based on proven and reliable Lemo connectors.


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