Project Description

The STANCE Imaging System

One of the toughest and most versatile camera systems.

The STANCE series are one of the smallest sealed modular imaging solutions featuring patented continuously adjustable, ultra-precise backfocus mechanics, unmatched adaptability, automatic lens control and a sophisticated broadcast grade image processing engine that is superior to its class.

While each camera system can be perfectly tailored to your needs a predefined set of variants (Lite / Standard / Pro) is available from stock.

Features at a glance

Key Features Overview
Sensor Type

Sony IMX 174 (CMOS global shutter)

Effective Sensor Size

1/1.2″ – 13mm sensor diagonal

Dynamic Range

12 F-Stops

Lens Mount

C-Mount (Standard), any other standardized or custom mount on request


17.526mm, continuously adjustable with a resolution of 1 micron (0.001mm), adjustable range: 3mm, custom range on request

Iris Control

Full Auto-Iris adjustment, Upgrade kits for manual lenses available

LIVE Video

True Live video (latency: 0.5µs), SMPTE compliant

IP68 Sealed

Fully protected by industry grade sealing technology (including upgrade kits for stock lenses)

Physical Dimensions

Cylindrical Ø40 x 96mm, custom shape on request


Anodized aircraft grade Aluminum (standard), any custom material available on request

Image Processing

Broadcast grade image processing engine loaded with features that are superior to its class


Software included (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)


Wide range of accessories available, compatible with GoPro mounting gear, custom accessories on request

Technical Specifications

General specification summary
Sensor Type Sony IMX174
Optical Size 1/1.2″
Effective Sensor Diagonal 13mm
Pixel Size 5.86 x 5.86µm
Resolution 1920 x 1080
ADC bit depth 12 bits
Lens Mount C-Mount (standard), all other mounts on request, custom mounts
Video Output 10Bit YUV 422, RAW
Framerates 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59,94, 60 / Interlace: 50i, 59.95i, 60i
I/O Dual 3G-SDI Out, RS485, Auto-Iris, Bluetooth (optional)
Connectors 3 x HD-BNC/Micro-BNC, 3 x Lemo T-series connectors.
Synchronization Timecode, Genlock (Tri-Level sync)
Power Requirements 3.6W
Protection Rating IP68
Operating Temperature 0°C…+65°C ambient temperature, non-condensing (different temperatures on request)
Conformity CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE, UL (on request)

Variants Overview

Detailed model specification comparison
Physical dimensions of the V-COR IP68 miniature camera system STANCE PRO


Backfocus Type adjustable, stepless, resolution:1µm
Protection Rating IP68
Modular options Comprehensive
Material Aircraft grade aluminum, custom
Weight 200g (aluminum body)
Physical Dimensions Ø40mm x 96mm
Mounting Points 8xM2.5, 8xM2, 5×1/4″
Physical dimensions of the V-COR IP68 miniature camera system STANCE PRO
Perspective view of the V-COR IP68 camera system STANCE-STANDARD


Backfocus Type adjustable, stepless, resolution:5µm
Protection Rating IP68
Modular options Extended
Material Stainless Steel, custom
Weight TBD
Physical Dimensions Ø36mm x 75mm
Mounting Points 12xM2.5, 3×1/4″
Physical dimensions of the V-COR IP68 miniature camera system STANCE STANDARD
Perspective view of the V-COR IP68 camera system STANCE-LITE


Backfocus Type fixed
Protection Rating IP68
Modular options Basic
Material Stainless Steel, custom
Weight TBD
Physical Dimensions Ø34mm x 71mm
Mounting Points 12xM2.5, 3×1/4″
Physical dimensions of the V-COR IP68 miniature camera system STANCE LITE

Patented Mechanics

Exact backfocus adjustment

The core unit features unmatched precision mechanics to easily set or modify the backfocus distance. Due to the continuously adjustable range of 3.5mm and a resolution of 1 micron (0.001mm) superior control over the image definition is available.

Due to its deep integration into the core and modular system structure the adjustment mechanics are always accessible regardless of the overall system setup – whether being a camera, sealed imaging system or custom dynamically sealed stabilization built.

Tough & Sealed

Industrial grade protection

Enclosed in a rugged yet miniaturized and puristic body its industrial grade sealing design protects against high pressures and hazardous environments while outperforming IP68 camera enclosures.


Intelligent and versatile integration options.

Furthermore its innovative modular system structure allows an easy and flexible integration into various miniaturized and technologically unique modules. As a result a comprehensive set of extension systems is available from stock or can be developed according the customer specifications. Consequently each module can be customized to maintain full accessibility to our patented backfocus adjustment mechanics and kinetic systems.

Camera bodies & flange standards

Various camera bodies and flange standards are available from stock or can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

Sealed housings

Enclosures and camera frames  featuring our industrial grade sealing design protecting against high pressures and hazardous environments are also available.

Sealed megapixel lenses

In order to keep the overall miniaturized system size and protection level various sets to upgrade or integrate stock lenses into an at least IP68 sealed state are available just as entirely sealed high quality megapixel lenses.

Image Sensor

Flagship CMOS technology

The IMX174 image sensor represents one of the flagship models of Sony’s Pregius™ sensor range. It provides an excellent image quality, great signal to noise ratio and huge dynamic range of 12 F-Stops. Due to the combination of a huge capacity known from CCD technology with the digital advantages of CMOS sensors like high speed, analogue to digital converters and image correction a new high-end pixel architecture is achieved. As a result the IMX174 outperforms CCD sensors and many of the best CMOS sensors currently on the market.

Broadcast Grade

Superior image quality & precise setup

Each STANCE system is equipped with a sophisticated broadcast grade image processing engine loaded with features. Additionally true high quality SMPTE compliant live video modes make it the ideal camera system for the use within demanding industrial vision and broadcast applications.

True live video

True live video modes and high quality SMPTE compliant video output.

Broadcast grade image processing

Loaded with features like multi-matrix color correction, extensive detail and denoise filters, flare compensation, custom LUT support and much more that are superior to its class.

Built for Experts

Professional & tough design

Enclosed in a body made of high performance materials the STANCE system is built to defy even the toughest environments. Due to its miniaturized dimensions and comprehensive set of professional connections STANCE is tailored to the needs of experts that are dependent on durability, reliability and longevity.

Dual 3G-SDI out

The camera interface offers two 3G-SDI video connectors each providing crystal clear and true SMPTE compliant video signals.

Stabilized power connector

A stabilized Lemo power connector is also included. Due to the extended voltage range of 6V to 36V an integration into existing environments is easily done.

Dedicated ground line

Furthermore a dedicated ground line is added for more safety demanding applications.

Comprehensive sync options

Industrial standardized synchronization like Tri-level or 3D sync as well as timecode is available using an additional HD-BNC connector.


An additional Lemo connector is available enabling precise and full aperture (auto-iris) control.


Each parameter and detail can be set up using an industrial standardized RS485 connection also incorporated by a dedicated Lemo connector.


Tailored to your needs

A wide range of materials and surface finishes to choose from including customer defined specifications allow easy and dedicated changes of characteristics like shape, weight, strength and protection or simply the look to perfectly suit your demands.


Amplifying versatility.

Finally besides the huge amount of mounting options, professional connectivity and superior quality a comprehensive variety of accessories such as brackets, mounts and adapters is available to widen the integration options, usability and fields of application even more.


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