What we do

Custom camera and imaging solutions tailored to your needs.

We understand that each application and project is unique with its very own technical challenges that require more than just a standard camera off the shelf. In order to ensure a specialized custom camera or imaging solution that is tailored to your needs we ask the right questions at the beginning.

Furthermore we face each project with an elaborated structured approach as well as experience, ambition and vision. As a result V-COR offers comprehensive research and development solutions with a prime focus on custom cameras and imaging systems as well as optical, mechanical and sealing technology.

Research & Development

Your one-stop destination for custom camera & imaging solutions

We do not fear to face the research and development of custom camera solutions and technologies that may seem impossible at first sight. Proven and fortified by various patents our several years of comprehensive multidisciplinary know-how primarily spans the following scopes:

Mechanical Design 95%
Imaging Technology 90%
Sealing Technology 85%
Medical Engineering 75%
Optics 65%
Kinetics 60%

FEM & CFD Optimized Engineering

Advanced engineering using state-of-the-art processing tools

Our engineering workflow includes an intelligent FEM supported design process leading to components and systems characterized by strong structural integrity while maintaining an optimized weight. On demand the use of high-end CFD processing technology can enhance each component even more by ensuring an optimal heat transfer of all vital parts.

Sealing technology

Superior protection meets high precision technology

With many years of experience, we are specialized in the development of custom sealed high precision systems. Each component is designed to perform flawlessly within the target application and environment.

As a result all modules, enclosures or entire systems can be protected against the most hazardous and harshest of conditions. Furthermore any sealed component can be customized to meet the international IP68 protection class or withstand even high pressures and harmful ambient temperatures.

Made in Germany

Reliable highest quality meet supply chain efficiencies

Each entire process from the development up to the manufacturing and final assembly is done in Germany. Consequently every single component meets highest industry standards in terms of quality, toughness and reliability.

As a result of being your prime destination for custom camera and imaging systems we leverage that advantage on to our customers. While outperforming in terms of longevity we pass engineering and supply chain efficiencies on to our customers resulting in significantly reduced overall and running costs.


You need a custom camera, system or component? Tell us more about your project – we are eager to tailor a solution to your requirements!