Passion & Ambition

Knowing that people all over the world use and rely on our products every day, whether to work safely in extreme situations and environments, help in researching cures for diseases, creating wonderful movies or recording our best moments in life for our children makes us very proud and drives us to become even better by extending the relevance of our work beyond the technical.


All our customer relationships that we hold on high regard are based on more than just innovative strength and fearless technology. They are due to our fair-minded reliability and solidity of our word. Each product that leaves our house has been extensively tested and certified to ensure a flawless performance you can count on, regardless of your application.

Courage & Innovation

In contrast to other industrial camera manufacturers we do not fear to face the research and development of custom solutions, technologies and projects that may seem impossible at first sight. Each of the many diverse team mates’ creative and curious spirit, experience and target-oriented collaboration contributes to the bold, innovative and successful character of V-COR striving to create unique products and technologies that emerge into industry wide standards with a very comprehensive character reaching across many industrial sectors.


Our dedication to the global top quality grade “German engineering” runs like a prime thread through our corporate policy infusing our products with reliability, precision, pioneering spirit and power while dispensing unnecessary bells and whistles and focusing on the vital core of each component. All major and essential parts are “made in Germany” enabling a comprehensive control of all engineering, manufacturing and testing processes as well as immediate response options in case of urgent adjustments. We are accountable and evaluate each part of our systems while always keeping our prime focus on highest quality, performance and sustainability.


Proven and fortified by various patents our several years of multidisciplinary experience in imaging technology, mechanical design, material science, medical engineering, sealing technology, drive development and optics design enables us to offer the creation of one-stop tailored imaging solutions that exceed simple cameras and leveraging that advantage to pass engineering and supply chain efficiencies on to our customers.


Creative, honest and goal-oriented communication is one of the key aspects of our success – whether be it the open-minded and innovative conversations among the team mates who develop our products, perfect our processes and bolster our profitability or the elaborated, distinct and reliable agreements with our customers and suppliers.

Being a multidisciplinary company we are able to further reduce or even suppress time consuming meetings and communications with third party development services significantly boosting our time-to-market speed while minimizing the overall risk of errors resulting from communication problems.